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World of Warcraft
Level 85 Warrior, Arms.
Undead. Horde.
Bonechewer (PvP) - NorthAmerica
Ranks Friday, April 23, 2010
6:23 PM

In order to build a fully functional Raid and PvP guild, one must pick and choose his members and higher ups with great discretion...it is for this reason that I require a certain trial period of all applicants to assure at least a mild commitment to this guild and its goals

[Trial Rank]
Recruit: Once accepted to the Crew, you must begin a two-week "Trial Period". This is to see if you are serious about being in this guild, and to give you time to decide which path you would like to take in the guild, whether it's PvP or PvE, or both

[PvP Ranks]
Soldier: You've made it through the two-week hazing period, and you've decided to be one of our bloodthirsty Soldiers, congratulations! You'll be assigned to a General (or Guardian unit if you're lucky), your General will be your commanding officer, and you will report to him/her for PvP related assignments and missions. Now get out there and start slaying alliance wherever you see them!

You look to your brothers-in-arms, and see battle-hardened faces...none falter. You stare in the face of death, and feel no fear as weeks of unrelenting attacks weigh heavy on your shoulders...but still no fear, no regret.... LOK'TAR OGAR, you are a lieutenant, you are a beacon of strength to those you stand with. Stand tall and proud, for the Horde is proud of you.

General: Blood has stained your armor, your own as much as others...the cries of dying soldiers echo in your mind.... Months of battle after battle with no rest, and now you've finally made it home to Orgrimmar, to the cheers of your people, Horde insignia clutched to your chest. You raise it high, and with a warcry that Garrosh would be proud of, you declare yourself a General! Worthy of charge of ones own unit of Soldiers to help train into fine-bread killing machines.

[PvE Ranks]
Dungeoneer: With the two week period being over, you are now a part of a Raid group, but that doesn't mean you get to raid. First, we have to test cohesiveness with other guild members, your situational awareness factor, the ability to adjust to ever-changing Raid situations, and last, but certainly not least, your ability to listen. After all these issues have been thoroughly reviewed and revised, you will be taken along to low-intensity raid situations to test your abilities.

Raid Prospect: You've killed hundreds of vicious monsters, felled unspeakable horrors, downed powerful dragons, and toppled the most fiendish of villains. Lands have been saved, and catastrophic events held at bay by you and your allies on multiple occasions, but there are still even mightier foes to face. It is for this reason you are now a prospect to Raiding, keep going, there are still many dangers to our world out there...

Raider: The fall of the mighty Necropolis of Naxxaramas, the culling of Yogg-Saron, and the titanic battle with Algalon the Observer, the superiority of the Horde, and the final, lasting death of Anub'Arak....You've seen many amazing, and mysterious things, and have earned a place amongst the greatest protectors of Azeroth, and with the Crew. Tarry not! For there are more terrible and corrupting evils to quell, to keep safe the children of the Horde...

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Forums / Guild Assistance / Advancement Requests

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