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General World Conduct/Demeanor

First and foremost, you are not only representing yourself when you are in this guild, you represent the rest of the Crew as well. This means wear your tabard with pride, and present yourself as a respectable person while conversing with others or commenting on Trade chat.

Don't troll or present yourself in a way that makes people look down on the Guild....when you repeatedly say rude, stupid, obscene, and otherwise vulgar comments, people start to talk about the source. I'm sure that we would rather not play a game where our guild name is slandered and ridiculed every time we log in. That's not to say you couldn't have fun with Trade chat, or make a few jokes at another troll's expense, just don't get out of hand is all we ask.

Constant disrespectful behavior/language will not be tolerated in this guild, if you act like an bitch, you will get treated like one. We can all get along just fine, and if a particular person's attitude is bothering someone, then speak up and come to a solution together.

Screening Period

When you are accepted to the Reckoning Crew, your screening period begins, during this time the officers and GM will help you decide where you are going in this guild, either PvP or PvE, or both.

At this time, the new member will have a small guild repair allowance and some minor access (through officers, and the GM) to the items in the Guild Bank, though don't expect an outlandish request to be considered

PvP Advancement

In order to move up the ranks, you must participate in Guild PvP events at which point you will receive a promotion

Assisting in leveling the Guild, participating in world PvP, along with RBG's and Arena participation will further your rank

PvE Advancement

If you would like to become a Raider with our main Raiding group in the Crew, one must first attain a minimum item level of 353, and have participated Guild Raids/Dungeon Achievement events When this is reached you will be promoted to a main Raiding position

Raid Conduct

Ask questions; if you don't know something about a fight, fell free to ask, and someone will answer. We don't pretend we know everything, we're all here to learn the fights together

Wipes are going to happen, we're not the best in the game, but we can always learn from a wipe. That doesn't mean screaming into your mic at someone that made a mistake, there is no need to be rude or demeaning to a fellow guild member.

Don't sign up if you don't want to come. Nothing irritates us more than when we get a Raid together and one person expects to be carried, and doesn't feel like putting forward any effort

Loot Rules

Loot will be based on a Suicide Kings Rule. To explain it simply, you attend Raids, and your place in the list will go up. If you want a particular piece of loot, you would message the Loot Master when it dropped. You would then get the item, and drop to the bottom of the list. Unless a person higher on the list wants it, and they are present, in which case you would stay in your spot on the list, and the person higher would receive the loot instead and "suicide" themselves, dropping them to the bottom of the list

Vent Rules

There's a time and a place for jokes, but during combat, I need the line quiet for when I may need to call something out that someone needs to do, or another person might need to call something out, but that's not to say we can't have fun, and tell jokes, just keeping it to a minimum while we are in combat is all I ask

Nerd Rage

We've spent all night wiping on one boss, hundreds of gold in repairs, no progress...I understand, you are angry, so am I, but save yourself the embarrassment of looking like an idiot over a video game, and keep the tantrums to yourself

and for the love of all that is pixel related, don't Nerd Rage, and log off in the middle of Raid Night because it's not going well...this could result in a demotion, suspension from Raiding/PvP with the guild, or a straight kick from the rosters if the behavior was bad enough. We are all old enough to know how to control ourselves, we should be able to act as such

PvP Guidelines

In the PvP setting, we are all one unit. We stay together, we live

We have days and nights when we PvP, I want anyone to be able to PvP

Any strategies or tactics that you think may work better than what we are doing, feel free to let us know. We want the best, strongest, most prepared PvP team at all times

PvP is stressful as well, this I realize, but the Crew breaks down when people get too angry. If you need a break, let us know, we'll take 5 or 10 if the Alliance happen to be organized, and come back fresh and ready to spill blood

Show no mercy, give no quarter...

Bank Rules

The Guild Bank is stocked with a wide variety of materials from all professions, used specifically to level a character's professions

should mats be needed from the bank, submit a request in the forums or in-game to the GM or Officers and we'll get it to you as soon as possible

all mats must be repaid at some point to the guild bank, we like to keep it fully stocked at all times

until your debt is repaid to the Guild Bank, the character's name you borrowed on will be on the debt page along with the item to be paid back and number

If the items are not restocked in the bank by the agreed upon time, depending on the item, amount and how late, if restocked at all, carry various consequences, such as suspension from guild runs and activities, demotion, no more loans.

All items can also be repaid in gold, at cost to Guild members. 50% off AH prices is our rule, keeps the gold in the guild, and when farming day rolls around, we can just replenish our supply and keep everyone happy

Gold Loan Policy/Guild Repair Rules

Every Raider and above will be given gold to repair with on Raid days, we work hard to keep a plentiful amount of gold in the Guild Bank so that no one need waste their gold on Raid nights

As for loans, the amount requested will be considered with a pay-back date to be given

If the loan isn't paid back on time, depending on the amount, how late, if it's even paid back at all, have various consequences depending on the severity of the infraction, such as suspension from guild runs and activities, demotion, loans restriction, or if the offense is bad enough, expulsion from the guild

We take our Guild Bank very seriously, and we like to trust people, but we've had our share of lames and thieves, we don't want anymore

If you need something crafted/enchanted, don't hesitate to look to the guild to do it for cheaper than the public, It goes without saying that our costs will be lower if existent at all to other Crew members

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